2 Story Set on an Island

There is a large island off the coast of Rhode Island known as Block Island.
The only way to reach the island is by boat or airplane. Our modular
concept has been discovered by the natives and we are delivering houses
on a regular basis via ferry.

The sequence of pictures on this page will give you some perspective on
just how we put together a typical project on the island. The ferry
ride is one hour long and the modules came together in two days. The
finish work consists of roof, siding, connecting utilities and

You are invited to be on-site for one of our project deliveries and you can
also tour our factory should you wish to see for yourself how our
craftsmanship measures up to your expectations. We know you will be
impressed with the quality of our materials, system and people.

A module arrives at the dock.

The driver is an expert at placing the module where the ferry captain wants it.

Backing safely into the hold.

Underway to Block Island. Time for some coffee.

The ferry arrives in the lagoon at Block Island after an hour or so.

The ferry prepares to back in to the Block Island ferry slip.

Backing up to the dock on Block Island.

Looking over the module after disembarking from the ferry.

The first module is set onto the foundation.

The second ground floor module is secured.

The second floor takes shape.

A rear view of the second floor installation.

A side view of the house after the second floor and roof have been set.

Front view

Distant front view

Preparing for the siding contractor

Notice the roof over the rear entrance

Ready for the siding and roofing contractors

This is the finished home as it stands today.