Our "Resources" section is for your convenience to access additional information
both informative and supplemental, to help you make your Hallmark Homes
buying experience more pleasurable. After all, we are the Modular House
Depot and want to be your one stop source for information and product.

Hallmark is NOT a "contractor".  We help you design, build and deliver your house.
We DO have a reputation of helping you understand the "total" modular construction
procedure and make this information available to you "free" of charge.

The links on the right are to help answer questions you may have. 
Some LINKS of importance are:

1.  Re: Specifications and Information: We have 3 levels of common specifications
     (Base, Premier and Mansion).  You are NOT locked into these and are free to 
     customize both your plan and specifications.  We also urge you to familiarize
      yourself with the other information provided in this section.

2.  Re:  FAQ:  You will find answers to many questions in this Section.

3.  Re:  Financing:  Although you may use the financial institution of your choice, 30+ years
      of experience has shown that many local institutions are not familiar with modular
      construction financing.  Before you spend time and "fees" discuss financing requirements
      for your home consult with your Hallmark Representative.