What is a “HEALTHY” home ?
  • Do you know that “Green” and “Healthy” can be adversarial ?
  • Did you know that your home has to breathe, just like you do ?
  • Did you know that some “super insulated” homes do not offer any cost benefits when you compare additional cost to energy savings ?
  • Did you know that interior air pollution is generally several times as bad as the outside air ?
  • Did you know that “super insulated” homes must provide means of bringing in fresh air to counteract the lack of fresh air and inside pollution?
What does all of this mean to you ?
We are in a “green” frenzy and do not fully understand the issues involved. Many people we talk to realistically want to save on their energy costs but when they find out that it costs $25,000.00 and more to comply with National Green Building Standard ICC 700-2008 and then look at the restrictions (your best 601.1 rating is for a house under 1,000 sq. ft.) they discover that the cost is NOT worth the benefit. Even with “current” tax rebates, you would have to live several life times to recover the additional cost. How about the environment and “carbon footprints”, you ask? There are far better ways to conserve than building a structurally inferior house that will depreciate with time, thus further eroding your investment. Are we against “green”? --- Of course NOT. We are both environment and value orientated.
At Hallmark we work with you to come up with a home plan that serves your needs FIRST ! We work with you to design a user friendly, environmentally friendly home at the best cost (VALUE), both short term and long term.
Unlike the “on site” built homes, which use by necessity wet lumber, we use properly dried lumber. The site builder boasts on how fast they build your house. Unfortunately, the faster the site built house is built, the higher your health risk. Moisture is locked into the walls and the insulation, sheathing, studs, and drywall are eventually “infected” and then pass the infection to you and your family. Our homes are delivered dry and safe. Safe = Healthy.
We have provided you with the ICC 700-2008 standards giving you the point ratings for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald construction. You can see that simply going Modular (601.5) automatically gives you 13 points. A common sense review of these requirements will reveal a house built by “committee”.   I can assure you that not one on these committees telling you how to build YOUR house lives in one themselves. Find one of the Washington bureaucrats driving a small electric environmentally friendly car and you might find one true to his/her convictions.
We at Hallmark value our environment, which is why we have been in the Modular business since 1975. We will continue to promote products, like geo-thermal and wind assisted heating/cooling systems, but we are also conscious that YOU have to be happy with your home and that your home must be a “good investment”.
Call us and let’s discuss a home that is as environmentally conscious of your wallet as it is of the environment.