Modular Home Prices Based on:

NOTE that most ELEVATIONS shown on our plan list are based on PREMIER not BASE SPECIFICATIONS and may show items which are optional for the BASE SPECIFICATION pricing; such as steeper roof pitch, dormers, hip roof, whirl pools, deco dormers, fireplaces etc... Ask your sales representative if there are any questions

Initial Response Price: Since we cover such a large geographic area involving various State sales tax structures, variations in delivery costs, various state permits, crane and set costs, our initial prices are based on the following:

  1. Cost of house (module) according to the specifications chosen.
  2. Normal delivery allowance of up to 350 miles.
  3. Representative state "use" tax.
  4. Reasonable crane and set allowance (only within the 350 mile delivery allowance).

Our prices are normally quoted within 2 business days and should be within 5% of final costs, subject further to your subsequent customization of plans and specifications. Customization will be accomplished by working closely with your assigned sales representative.

Final Pricing: Your final price will depend on the following adjustments.

  1. Your final customized plan and specification choices.
  2. Other "critical" cost considerations include:
    1. Wind load requirements in your area.
    2. Snow load requirements in your area.
    3. Special transportation and set needs to/in your area.
    4. Fire protection requirements in your area.